Thursday, June 16, 2011


I think I owe a huge apology to my dear friend for leaving him behind for quite some time. How cruel. Well, I'm sorry for abandoning you, Ohblogwani. Pwned!

I have a new hobby. and a new boyfriend. Well basically my new boyfriend is my new hobby. Geddit? He is *drumrolls* HIGANIGA!! Oh My God. He is super cute and funny and random and creative and Japanese and wait have I mentioned funny? Utterly funny! Epic funny. Sumpah funny! (Ok ok, i geddit, Wani). I finished watching all his vlogs in just one day kot! It was addictive that I couldn't stop. and wouldn't too. 

I wonder where have I been, man. He was there all these while but I just discovered him like what three days ago? Shame shame. Anyhoo for those who is as pathetic a person as I was (for not knowing of HigaNiga aka Ryan's existence), please, PLEASE check out his channel in YouTube. What? Too lazy to search for him? Oh my child -,-". Fine fine, here's the link. my new boyfriend :)


<3 less than three


  1. HigaNiga ? hummm .

    *sambil click new tab , youtube , type HigaNiga*

  2. ikanani, tu gelaran manja aku kat dia. untuk org lain panggil la nigahiga. haha XD