Sunday, August 21, 2011

We'll Be A Dream

It was Sunday morning; a typical Sunday morning. I woke up to my alarm with a feeling of great annoyance for it had interrupted me from a wonderful dream. I was. There were. Good Lord, it has just been a few seconds and I can’t even recall what the dream was. Oh God. Maybe, just maybe it was about the world has become a better place. Or maybe NigaHiga came to Malaysia and I stood a chance to meet him in person. Damn that was good. Or maybe I hit a jackpot and quit medical school and lived happily ever after? Nah, let’s not talk about this. This isn’t what I wanted to share with you. After all, it was just a dream.

After making my bed and doing my laundry, I decided to play Free Cell while listening to the songs on my laptop. I so wanted to beat my own record which was 17 wins in a row. One win, two wins, three wins, four wins, wow, so far so great, but not for long. Not until I was too caught up with emotions when ‘We’ll be a dream’ by Demi Lovato feat. We The Kings was played.

Somehow my view started getting blurry and the position of my room changed. Out of nowhere appeared another single bed on my right and the mini ceiling fan grew larger to normal size and my 3-in-1 table seemed to be dragged further away from me. The cheap tiles changed to marbled ones and most of the miscellaneous stuff on the floor disappeared. The lighting of my room also changed. Somehow it got brighter and I could swear to God that I heard birds chirping and it felt familiar! It felt like its where I once belonged. I was getting nervous. Call it palpitations, tachycardia, tremor or whatever you want; I just knew that my heart was not in peace. Then, my nostrils caught something familiar too. Instead of the Lavender AirWick Air Freshener that I’m currently using, it was the scent of my room of my previous house. Good Lord, I was taken to January 2011! Well, not literally but still.

Have you ever experienced this? Not exactly like this. Duh. But you know, when you were listening to this one particular old favorite song of yours, and then you were taken to the month of the year in which you were so addicted to listening to it. Have you? I always get that. Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes. Sometimes, laughter. Nevertheless, it always brings back memories. Be it good ones or bad ones. 

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