Thursday, April 28, 2011

Clinique Perfume

And I can still smell your perfume. 

Sad? Heartbroken? Confused? 
I can't even tell the difference.
But what I'm certain of is that I really did enjoy your presence today. 
The moment I saw you, my heart started to skip a beat or two. 
And I can feel those butterflies in my stomach.
As usual.

I became worried, and started to talk funny.
I became nervous, and almost hit a car in front of me. 
I felt appreciated, that you wanted to spend some time with us.
I was buoyed up, all day long.
Tried to delay some time before we said goodbye, yes I did.
I drove as slowly as possible,
I hit the brake when I saw green light,
and I wore my shades, just to cover my red eyes. 


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