Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New spirit for the new phase!

Phase 2 is a real deal. Hella tough and challenging, yet interesting! I've got to finally learn the clinical stuff (after two long agonizing years full with memorizing facts and facts and facts alone). Its not about putting on your white coat and walking in it with such poise and pride all around the hospital (Oh, I forgot to mention the dangling-stethoscope part). Haha. No. Its actually about the curiosity that will envelope you before the doctor comes and starts the lecture. Lub dub lub dub. You'll be wondering what the hell you're gonna see/learn today. Labor case perhaps? (I cant wait to see it live actually). Plus, this is the time where you'll get the chance to be scolded by the doctor in front of everyone (patients, nurses, your group mates, hospital staff and patients' relatives). Ugh if only I don't have class at 8 am tomorrow, I'd definitely go on and on about this just so you'll know what it really is about. Anyhoo I bet you can always google it up. LOLs.

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