Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Anger is red danger,
but a familiar stranger.

So it came as no surprise,
at the times I have paid the price
more than the usual thrice,
before becoming very wise.

The judge said,
I should have been put in a cage,
if one considers all the damage,
I brought on with my rage.

I knew,
my anger was unreasonable,
my anger was invicible,
my anger was uncontrollable,
but still very reversible.

You see,
In anger I always surrender,
to the pressure I am under.

In anger, I ungaciously lose,
to the one I righteously accuse.

In anger, I immoderately protest,
instead of letting things rest.
then trying responsibly to digest,

and deal with issues best.

So I say, so I say,
anger does not pay,
anger does not stay,
delay it from display,
in time it will go away.

Now I know that,
anger does not pay,
anger does not stay,
calmness you should play,
before you begin to fall astray.

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