Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Mau tengok Harry Potter :) cant wait cant wait!! 

Walaupun waktu baca buku tuh I didnt imagine Harry to look 21 years old (or above, thanks to Daniel Radcliffe's matured face), still, it doesnt bother me. Really heh, Wani? If it really doesnt, you wont even bother to mention it right here right now. *damn, this is what I call self-conflict, people* '=.=

1st sequel..
Muda remaja punya version. Tulus, suci lagi murni muka si Daniel. ;p

2nd sequel.
Look at Ronnie! Cute, heh. ;p

3rd sequel
Hermione is just getting prettier and prettier :) *droolssssss

the 4th one
Cedric Diggory dieddddddd!!!!! :(

the 5th!!
many people say this one is boring. but count me out, will you. <3 it!

the 6th sequel..
More death.....
Our dear Professor Dumbledore... (or Dumblydore, as what Madam Maxime calls him)

the first part of the last sequel!

Hoo.. Anyway, when will Tokio Hotel come to Malaysia again...? Haha, I know, this is sooo random. Tengah cite pasal Harry Potter, tetiba tanya perihal lelaki aku yang ke 34 tu pulak. But, I just cant help it, huh. Aish. What is in his head at this particular second? Has he had his meal yet? Damn, shut up, Wani.


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