Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Guess..

I guess I must be thankful for what I have today;
as it could all be taken tomorrow  

I guess I should work my ass off for tomorrow;
as im the one who's gonna suffer the consequences.

I guess I shall not regret for whatever shit happened yesterday;
as it was all my mistakes, not others'.

I guess I'll have to stop blogging in ten minutes' time;
as i have no idea what to blab about anymore.

I guess Malaysia is gonna snow next August;
as , what the eff, Wani? be serious. -.-"

I guess I love making faces rather than swearing;
as im a good girl.

I guess you were just fooled by me;
I love making faces and swearing both equally.

I guess Im gonna need to go to the toilet soon;
as the Kuey Tiow Kerang that I ate this evening is gonna be fully digested in approximately half an hour.

I guess Im gonna curse all night long;
as hungry person is volatile.

I guess you are doubting whether or not to continue reading this.

I guess you are still reading this.

I guess you are starting to say the eff word or any other bad words that you can think of.

I guess I have guessed much enough. 

I guess you are starting to gnaw on your toe nail (of annoyance and anger).

I guess I should stop guessing coz its getting kinda stupid. and lame. and annoying. and boring. 

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