Thursday, October 21, 2010

doubting your spouse's sexual orientation?

Hey folks! Have you ever wondered.. mmmm, have you ever had the feelings like. oh man, i dont really know how to put this in words. *racks brain* ok, i guess this will do. have you ever questioned your sexual orientation? i mean, how can you be so damn friggin' sure that you're straight? maybe you do like the opposite gender but at the same time, you secretly have a crush on SOMEONE who is of the same sex as yours. haha. dont worry. sometimes (note that SOMETIMES) it is normal to find that someone is cute (until u cant take ur eyes off him/her). because you know what, its just going to show that you appreciate God's beautiful creation. So what? you just admire his/her beauty, aite? dang! lol. 

I am not questioning my own. it just occured to me last night (when i was rolling on my bed trying to sleep). this is really disturbing. just imagine this... there are actually nearly 1 in 10 men say they're super straight but they do have occasional sex with men. in addition, 70% of these men are heterosexually married! in fact, 10% of all married men here were reported engaging in same-sex behaviour during the previous year.

so in conlusion, damn, there is no conclusion actually. haha. i guess the best way to avoid this Fatal-Oh Moment (the omg!-my-husband-is-gay! moment), u wives out there have to take precautions all the time. you can certainly google up on 'the signs and symptoms your husband might be gay/bisexual'. or you can just simply click on this!

so looooooooooooong, sucka! :))

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