Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Had a bad day?

It’s 2.29 in the morning. Wait, no. It’s already half past two in the morning, Yeah, time flies really fast. Or is it just me who types really slowly that it took approximately a minute for me to finish one and a half sentences? LOL. But ladies and gentlemen, do you not agree with me that time flies fast? Like, this morning, you were awake by the annoying, earsplitting alarm tone (and it almost cost you your new brand alarm clock as you involuntarily and accidentally threw it out of your bed and it landed on the floor with an even louder thud). Then you continued putting up with the bad day ahead even more tragically (you missed your school bus and had to literally sprint to your school because your next-door-mad-neighbor’s mad bulldog was chasing after your ass) and cursed all night long because you had loads and loads of homework to complete (and those Professor-Snapes of yours want those pile of homework done by tomorrow).

But then, next thing you knew was you were awake by that same goddamn deafening alarm tone and without fail, you will embrace the day and survive and go back to bed and the cycle just goes on and on. Tik, tok, tik, you have finished your high school, entered a medical school and five years later, you found yourself holding an MBBS scroll (thanks to the Golden Screen Cinemas, Tanjung Golden Village, shoes boutiques and any other kind of entertainment source you have there in Ipoh, you managed to survive those five excruciating years). Then it’s time for you to work your ass off and enslave yourself to your hometown’s general hospital to pay the education loans.

Ok, did you get my point? In just a blink of an eye, you grow older and older and soon you’ll die and rest 6-feet underground and decompose and well, I guess you got what I mean, yes? In order to make this short life much more meaningful and colorful, we have to do everything that we enjoy most and close our eyes to any negative-emotional incidents that occur in our lives. Why make a big deal out of something that is tiring and wasting, both time and energy wise?

It is sickening to watch a high-potential, Dean’s-list student committing suicide just because he failed his love life (when the fact remained that he was just 20 and had so much to offer in order to make this world a better place). Worse, it is much more nauseating to witness a father of two gets wasted at Christmas Eve and beats his children with his black, leathered belt just because he got fired that evening (simply because he kicked his company’s most-valued investor, Mr. Eddy‘s ass in the tennis FRIENDLY-match a day before).

Well, maybe life is not easy. Nobody says it is. I didn’t say so. Did you? No, right? It’s because yes, life is not easy. (Peh, macam orang tergeliat lidah je ayat aku ni). But if you take a deep breath whenever you are in a deepshit and realize that you were never this close to being the most pathetic, unfortunate person ever existed, then maybe you’ll be much more positive towards it. So today, I’m going to list out quite a number of unfortunate events that might happen to us and bring us down. It’s no tittle-tattle, darling. You might need it someday. *Buat muka misteri macam watak antagonis dalam drama Indonesia selalu buat tu*

1.  Failing your Final Exam.

Yes, failing your first year Final Exam is not cool. You have to sacrifice your semester break because you have to attend 2-weeks revision classes and take Supplementary Exam. But trust me; it is not the end of the world. You have two options. Either to struggle for the Supplementary Paper and pass and proceed to Second Year, or be rebellious by not attending the revision classes and re-sit the paper and fail and repeat your First Year (and get nagged by your parents for the first two months for being such a dumb-ass). Be smart and never let the anger take its toll on your life. You can always compare your so-called sadistic life to theirs who could not even make it to the Medical School in the first place; either because their A-Level results were no any better than yours (even though their biggest dream ever was to become a doctor that they would trade everything in this world to achieve it) or because their fathers did not have faith in them. So instead of investing the pension money in their education fees and all, their fathers would rather waste it on any other unimportant stuff like buying an RV or a swimming pool right after they graduated high school. Only then you will realize how lucky you were for being selected to the medical school and how thick you were for wasting the chance. If you still don’t grasp the main idea here, you are with no doubt a complete dick-head. Excuse my choice of word. But yes, you are a complete dick-head. -.-“

Am I not making any sense here? Do you still find it absolute rubbish? (Don’t you dare say yes to those two questions!) Good. We shall progress to the second unlucky incident, then.

2.  Being dumped.

This is one of the main reasons why people commit suicide, FYI. Even though it might sound lame and gibberish to some of you, but yeah, statistics have proven it.  Most of the bodies found hanging or dangling on a rope with a long protruded tongue (that almost reached its Adam’s apple) and blood-shot eyes (which visibly portray sufferings and agony) (ok, too much detail, Wani) left notes near them. Much more like you-are-the-cause-of-my-death-not-the-rope notes, you know; explaining how forlorn their lives were after their lovers left them. Oh God, imagine how would their parents feel when the police called them to identify the body at the morgue? This is such a sad, sad situation. Knowing that your dear child just committed suicide because of some guy she just met two months back will definitely tear up your heart. So, to all those girls out there, if your boyfriend ever says shits like ‘oh, I’m never good enough for you, darling. You deserve someone better than me’ or ‘my father asked me to marry Ketua Kampung’s daughter. You know I can never say no to him. He’ll cut my allowance!’ please memorize this mantra, ‘GOOD! NOW THAT WE’RE THROUGH, I CAN OVERTLY DATE HANIF, YOUR DEAR BFF, WITHOUT SNEAKING AROUND BEHIND YOUR BACK!’ (You can put your satisfied face on to make it more terrific and irritating).

Don’t worry, my dear. You will one day find your right guy. Haven’t you read my previous entry entitled ‘Why Am I Still Single?’? Everything that Allah creates is of a pair. Like day and night, the Moon and the Sun, Bill Kaulitz and I (woopsie), and boys and girls. So when the right time comes, your prince charming will just appear out of thin air (well, not really true), both of your paths will cross each other and you both will live happily ever after (truly true!). The end. LOL.

3.  Being diagnosed to fatal illness. 

You are only 40. Yet you have received the most terrible news (which is dreaded by all women in this world) 10 seconds ago. The planet Earth is tumbling upside down and you can neither breathe nor speak. All those things verbalized by the doctor are floating around you. It’s like literally you can see the alphabets and vowels coming out of the doctor’s mouth but your brain is no longer interpreting any of it. All you can heed is the earlier statement that you explicitly heard which is ‘You are suffering from fourth stage breast cancer’ and it has been repeating and echoing inside your head on its own accord ever since. Then surreptitiously you begin to wonder what will happen to your family after you leave them. Will your husband remain his loyalty and be a single dad forever? But then your children will grow up without a mother’s love and tender touch. Plus your husband is still young too. He might need someone to take care of him when he is bed-ridden in the future. Then you begin to worry about your eldest son’s wedding day. Will he manage to get all the Dulang Hantaran decorated nicely on his own and what will be the colour theme? Then you start to question, out of trillions women out there, why must it be you? You exercise and you control your diet (unlike that mad neighbor of yours who plays mahjongg every night and sips on Wine each time she plays). You then put the blame on fate and even worse, on God. You start to feel angry and goaded.

Starting from that day onwards, you behave really badly. You are no longer who you once were. You act like a lonely Nenek Kebayan who gets pissed off at almost everything. Nothing is ever up to your satisfactory level anymore. Your kids start to feel abandoned and disowned. In the end of the day, there’s not even a second where they can stand your presence and they will, sooner or later, pray for your death to greet you earlier than it should. Is it their fault? No right? They are also normal human beings and it’s not their fault that you are terminally-ill.

Imagine if one day, while you are grunting and whining about how tasteless your lunch meal is, then suddenly your husband rings you to tell you that the mad neighbor of yours has died in an MVA (motor-vehicle accident) on that very morning. She was just fine the day before that! You can still clearly see her waving goodbye at her mahjongg’s friends last night and after her friends’ cars faded away from view, she turned around and smiled at you. You were damn envious at that time. Yes, you did smile back to her (very widely, in fact), but in the inside, you were querying why she is all healthy. But now, look, it’s such a short notice. She wouldn’t have expected that it’s going to happen that day, would she? No one would, either. No last word, no preparation. Just like that. Unlike you, you were told that you have such a limited time left. So you can always make yourself well-prepared for the Judgment Day. It will (with or without you noticing it) make you appreciate life even better. Isn’t that so, ladies and gentlemen?

Ok, I think I’m done. Were you not surprised by the length of this post? Coz I don’t usually write this long. It’s just that it has been forever since I last updated my blog. So konon-kononnya tulis panjang panjang macam ni macam top up la. Haha terasa bengong.

P/S: I planned to find a rebound boy just to prove him that I can soooooo live without him but yesterday, while I was watching ‘A Walk to Remember’, senses knocked me that I should just forgive him and never hold grudge against him ever again. Maybe today was my last day. Or might be his. Plus it is worthless, childish, and immoral and I might be the one who gets hurt even more at the end of the day. Seriously, I don’t need a man. Well, not just yet. Huhu. J

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