Friday, September 24, 2010

karya ala ala FRANK SINATRA gitu!

Those love-spells that you casted on me were so powerful.
Even after you're long gone,
My heart still skips a beat when the wind whispers your name.
Yes, those feelings used to be beautiful.
But not anymore.

You seem to have forgotten everything about me.
Like you have no idea at all that I’m still breathing.
Your absence is something that I didn’t foresee.
Something that I can’t accept.
So here I am,  looking out of the window,
waiting for you to come back.

I was a fool,
for having faith in you.
I was naïve,
for letting you into my life.
And I was stupid,
for falling for you...
Bludeh Hel.

Maybe it’s more than enough if I can remove you from my memories.
Hoping for the day when I wake up and don’t really think about you.
Not for once.
Not for a moment.
Not even for a second.
At least I hope so.

No, it’s not gonna be that easy.
Because I was in love with you.
I am STILL in love with you.
But one day, not anymore.
No doubt, I just knew so.

Attention to all: This has got nothing to do with me. This is just some random stuff that I wrote when I was dying out of boredom on my bed. (I'm now fine, by the way). 
So, MAMA (well if you happen to read this),, IM OKAY K?!!! LOLs.

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