Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why You're Still Single?

I couldn't sleep last night. Those questions that have been bombarding me lately were stuck in my head! 

'Wani, why are you still single?'
'Wani, are you gay?'
'Wani, by the end of your second year of mbbs, mummy wants you to have a steady boyfriend.'
'Eleh. Unlike you Wani, we, the single people are tired of waiting for our The Ones.'
'Wani, tell me about your love story!'

Sheet. I just dont have any. Dont you get it?. This ain't joke. I dont understand why some of them won't believe that simple fact and will determinedly ask me again and again and again, in an attempt to dig something (which is actually nothing) out of me. 

All those questions will finally lead to this type of question:

'Oh, you must have a really high taste, dont you?'
'Homaigod. Are those guys in your college blind?'

Ok. These questions have however successfully made me restless. No darling, I dont demand for a Brad Pitt for husband. I just want a soul mate. As long as his face is complete (two eyes, one nose and one mouth) and there is charm in it (which I don't know how to describe), I wouldn't mind. 

Anyway, there are loads of factors and reasons on why I have been single for the whole 20 years and 3 months that Ive been living. 
  1. I haven't found the right guy yet. As simple as abc. If he's the one, then the relationship will work. Neither of us have to work hard on that relationship. Everything will just go well and we will fall madly for each other. No pretenses. We will be us when we are with each other. Yet, there are sparks that will excite us. He loves me even when Im having PMS and look all shabby and I will still love him even when he just got back from football training and is sweating like a pig. Is that understood?
  2. I get bored easily. To be honest, its not like I have never been in any about-to-get-serious relationships. I have, my dear. For several times, in fact. And from those experiences, I can conclude that after few months (even sometimes, after few weeks), I didn't feel the excitement nomore. I felt as if I was suffocated. So, I'll decide to put a kibosh to everything and be single. Im just so twisted.
  3. A best friend of mine once told me that its because of how I carry myself in public. There is a high level of confidence in me that scares lads away. Is that so? I have no idea. Oh ya, according to her again, I somehow look like I'm already taken. And not easy to handle. And a materialistic. Tsk tsk -_-"
  4. Im boring. Those guys (refer to number 2) will realize that I don't possess those criterias that they are looking for in women. Im just 20. And pretty annoying. And am carefree. And a bit weird. Sad, aint it?
  5. The real me is not ready yet. Sometimes, when things start to get serious, I'll question myself,, 'Am I ready yet to commit? Am I willing to make this guy as my new hobby? Am I wise enough to split myself into 3 (to him, to my besties and to my own self?) in the sense of time-wise? No. No. and no. I rest my case.
Oh ya, I did google up on 'Why You're still single?' and I found this one site that I wanna share with you. Please feel free to click on this amazing website to those single friends out there! Maybe this will help you a bit. Good luck!

P/s: MBBS is my current hubby (until I graduate)... Eh, jap. Bill Kaulitz adalah madu beliau ah. Haha. 


  1. im not single but people always dont believe that im a mother of a son!

    psss.. aritu ms buka puasa, bapa fazly tanya "ni yg bongsu tu kan.."

    do i look like 18 years old girl????


  2. errrrr,, ayah abg fazly (bukan bapa ye.gile skema) mungkin nak jaga ati kau kot.. haha.

  3. lol..lek2 je wani haha,good thing takes time huhu

  4. hoho, insyaAllah :) thanks, thou.
    i think, single is always and in any kind of way, better than plural. ngeh3~