Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ramadan Al-Mubarak benefits in fasting.

Hai semua! Its Ramadan now. The most blissful month in the Islamic calendar. Its the Islamic month of fasting, in which participating Muslims refrain from eating and drinking from dawn until sunset. Its a good practice actually because it teaches us about patience, humility and spirituality. 

Just yesterday, my Indian lecturer told the whole class that he was fasting as well because he acknowledged the benefits of fasting. He did mention about this one Indian family living in Kuala Lumpur who join the other Muslim friends fasting in Ramadan annually. Yes baby, they do take suhoor (predawn meal) and iftar (break the fast) soon as Maghrib starts. Really, they do practice this..,, annually! The whole loads family do this. Its pretty impressive, huh? 

Well, apart from drinking and eating, there are loads of other habits that we should stay away from when fasting. Those yada-yada un-islamic habits, of course. But its not like if you do any of these, it will break your fast. No. Eg:

  1. Getting angry. Well, this is tough (to me, at least). Especially when I'm on the road (driving). These Ipoh drivers always (without fail) drive me totally bonkers. Changing lanes without giving the turn signal, cutting me off when blatantly there's no car behind me (cant they wait for another 20 secs?), coming to a complete halt to make a turn or manuever corners (duhhh,did u just get your license the day before yesterday?) and the list just goes on and on. Kurang pahala puasa macam nih -_-"
  2. Using bad language. Curse. Swear. Menyumpah seranah. Mencarut. The F word. Eff yu. Ok, itu tak baek Wani. LMAO. Eh, tu pun tak baek. Should be LOL. Ok, accepted. Haha. But seriously, cursing isnt really nice (paku dulang serpih,mengata orang dia yang lebih.hamek kau).
  3. Back biting and gossipping! This is a big No-No! 
  4. Arguing and fighting. What did I say about not getting angry? So this one is related to the previous forbidden habit that I've listed above. When you keep your anger low, so there should be no problem! No fighting! Get it?
  5. Sleeping all day. Take suhoor, Suboh prayer, sleep, miss Zuhor prayer, still sleeping, wake up half an hour before Maghrib, Asar prayer, prepare meal, iftar. so not cool! You wont get the chance to feel how fasting is really like. :(
  6. Smoking!! (this one, if you do it, it'll automatically break your fast). Padan muke. Lols.
So, I would like to wish all my dear brothers and sisters out there,, HAPPY FASTING! 

Dear friend,
Your validity for taking meal 
during the day time has expired.

Please fast next 30 days
to resume your day time food.

Thank u for eating

*quoting SMS4smile.

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