Thursday, May 6, 2010

Can Bill get any cuter? NO!!!!! TOKIOHOLIC is haunting me.. again!

hello peeps! it has been almost 2 weeks since i last updated my blog. been busy with loads and tonnes of works. let alone the 'revision' slot. yeah, right. lols. actually i went to Sarawak from May 1st till the 3rd. oh man, really liked the buildings there! Oh forgot to mention that me and family went there not for mere vacation. But because we had a wedding to attend to on the 2nd. Whose wedding was it? it was my 2nd sister's. So now abg razi is officially my new abg angah. teehee (^,^).

Abg Razi's family were all very friendly. They made us felt very welcomed. Seriously, we didn't feel like outcasts or something. huhu.. =)  Thanx to them all for the 'tour-guide service' and yeah, not to forget for being our loyal, patient chauffeurs. Huhu :))  

My TOKIOHOLiC has returned! seriously, the fever is back. I think Im over 'HIM' because of Bill. My dear Bill. All i can think of 24/7 is Bill. haihhhhhhh *drools. Well it aint a news that I didn't go to their first concert to Malaysia (which was on the last May 1st). So I had to check out my other Malaysian-TH-fans friends on facebook coz they all have uploaded the pictures to their accounts already (for those who went). 

And,, I think I've been OMG-ing from the very first picture to the last.. because,, HO EM JI...!

Bill is loads bootylicious now..! Seriously. So Billicious

Well i liked loved his haircut (mohawk awww) which was shorter and suited him more, I guess

His outfit wasn't as ridiculous heavy as before. He was not in his usual ones which came with a special predilection for feather, studs and spikes (very exaggerated and excessive). I so hate don't like those types of clothes, really hate don't like them.. The lesser the better ayte! Hoho. He was just in a plain black shirt (okeh, with some elements but it was still not over-exaggerated) and super-skinny, black pants (I just hope he won't get deep vein thrombosis one day). T_T

And the best part is that he seems a bit buff-er now, I dare say! Well, his biceps aren't that WOW to make me drool (till it can reach the Pacifics) YET. Lol. :)) But at least I think he must have been working out in the gym recently. (These were caught when TH was in Singapore, the day before they went to Malaysia).
did you see his biceps? i cant guarantee if they were really 'there' or not. My point is if its just shadowed by the great, deceitful lighting hence making his so-called biceps more prominent. but anyways who cares, my love to him is unconditional. For better or worse. For a plank-wood or very-tough-and-invincible-beefcake. Lols. 

Now that the fever is back, I cant help myself from listening to them boys' songs! Play them in my MP3 over and over again. And i've been praying that they will come to Malaysia again. Urghhhhhhhhh that's so sad. :(

amek kau. aku wat size sume x-large. Extra extra vaganza. extra satisfaction! hehe. 

k, till then! take care my dears..... <3

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