Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bill Kaulitz again. and again. and again.

Actually for the past week, I've been wanting to post an entry about something but each time I completed the entry, I would delete it instead of establishing it. Coz I thought I can keep it to myself only. But I just cant! Whenever Tokio Hotel's song is on the radio, I would feel so sad. As if there's a big hole in my heart. And not to forget the tagline. I mean Tokio Hotel's tagline. It is ringing in my ears 24/7! 

"(Bill) Hey, we are (all of them) TOKIO HOTEL. And you are listening to"

Yeah, so now you must know what that something is... Its the fact that I cant go to their first concert in my country. Its just so grievious and torturing. 

O Allah, please. Let miracles happen. I just wanna see them boys (Bill especially) so badly. Urghhhhhh....

<3 Bill so much............. lovevole. levolevo! 

Menyampah nye exam. nyampah panyam aww!


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