Thursday, April 15, 2010

when I'm stressed out, I blog

time flies so fast. tick tock tick.. oops, 10 months had passed me by already. I still remember the very first day I entered UniKL-RCMP. I hated it so much. It's so effing small. I wanted to experience a normal college life. Which I get to stay in a normal,9-floored hostel. Where I get the chance to meet cute guys while having lunch at the cafe (ayayay~ its so wrong, Wani). =)

When I reminisce my initial intention on why I agreed to enter this college, I would burst into laughters and will continue doing so for 4-5 minutes. Why? Why? and why? Its because I still cant stand the fact that I chose this course over Engineering. How fool I was to actually think that I can do it. If only I knew that it could get this tough, I would have certainly stood by my own decision and wont drag myself here. (And wont end up regretting the past). Sigh.

Sometimes, I think that I have accepted it. That I have already started loving it. And that I have no regrets anymore. But hell no man. When things get rough/tough/ugly, I would gladly blame each and every single factor which influenced me to take this course. Inilah manusia. Tak pernah bersyukur dengan apa yang telah Allah kurniakan. (free preach. amek kau XD) hehe

So I think, I really need to write down my ambitions on a nice, pink manila card., decorate  it with floral motif and put it up against my bedroom's wall. So that each time my eyes rest upon it, it will register straight to my medulla oblongata. So that I won't forget my ambitions even for a split second every single day I live. So that whenever I face a problem regarding to my studies, I will not feel so down and will never consider dropping out as one of the solutions that I could come out with. Huhu =(

Haha I just realized that I always talk stuff like this over my blog. Is that lame? ha-ha. I don't care. Who asked u to read this? Who asked u to silently follow my blog? It wasn't me, right? hahahahahhahaha XD

p/s: my HIGO end-of-module exam will end this evening! I just soooooo can't wait to be home again. 

btw last night I had two sweet dreams. 
First, I dreamt of Bill Kaulitz!! He sang for me yaww~ awww, masyhuknye! 
Second dream was about (shouldn't be telling you the details. In case my bro-in-law, abg scott read this, I'll be dead in no time). hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha XD

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