Friday, April 16, 2010

I would choose Bill Kaulitz over Chicken Cordon Blu

I am so damn hungry... I could eat a horse. My stomach is grumbling like hell. I am imagining a nice candle light dinner with a very handsome gentleman. I'm in a long, sleek black dress. With sexy red stilettos. While my date is in his best tux. Well-shaved. Both of us look really calm, but deep down in our hearts, they are thundering and thumping non-stop. Who wouldn't feel that way? Both of us are madly in love with each other.

Snappppp!!! wtf! What am i? A 24/7 blabbing machine? See..? Did you see what my problem is? I talk crap.. I was at first talking about my hunger. Then the subject changed to a weird imagination. If I were u (who are reading this at this very moment), I would wanna slap the blogger who has wasted my 5 seconds for something that is not interesting at all. In fact, for something that is so lame. Don't you feel that way? huuuuu :(

Ok, back to my food-deprived stomach. I am imagining Secret Recipe's Chicken Cordon Bleu. Grrrrrr~~ the yellow cheese in the chicken. bhahahaha XD

wth..! now im even much more hungry! I cant take my eyes off of this super nice chicken cordon bleu... Need to scroll down a bit to hide this little evil picture.. Ok, done. huhu...

if I have Doraemon's pocket and can only take out 1 item, guess what I would want to have..? Nasi Goreng USA Flat somewhere in Ipoh? noooo. Char quey tiow dataran Ipoh?? naah, nope again. For Gods sake! Cant believe that you cant answer it. Of course I am in dire need of seeing Bill Kaulitz!!!! teehee ^,^

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