Monday, April 12, 2010

it runs in the family

According to my last entry, a friend of mine, Ilani,  got the chance to meet and spend her last weekend with the whole lot Saadon clan in Muar. Her favourite tagline during those 3 days was 'it runs in the family'... She kept on repeating it until I cant actually get it outta my head. Seriously! When i did this, she would say 'uh-uh, it runs in the family'. When I did that, she would say the same god damn thing too! In conclusion, I am my family. We all share so many things, which are:

1) the cam-whoring obsession. We the Saadon clan will never escape from this obsession. We are synonym to cam-whore. haha. 

2) the laughters. rephrase, the EVIL laughters. hek eleh, mane ada. kami gelak sopan lah.. tipu tipu (-_-")

3) the driving skills. rephrase, the MAD driving skills. Ilani cant still help herself from laughing when we talk about the catch-the-bus incident. Even I got goosebumps on the back of my neck for the 30 solid minutes (for being 'trapped' in the car). God gracious that I'm still alive. haha.

4) the loudness. Yeah, we are damn loud man. But we still know when and where to shut the heck up. And our lips can still be sealed btw. 

5) the faces. Our teachers (back in primary school) always said that we look alike. In fact, my friends never lemme forget the idea of us (me and my siblings) sharing the same PRETTY faces. ha-ha. That was so vain, Wani. (and I'll answer half-heartedly, yeah I know). lols

6) the way our brains work. Great minds think alike, ya know... :p

7) the mutual repulsion between us and PHARMACOLOGY. Us=me+my mom. haha. Now I  know whom I should put the blame on if screw my Pharmacology paper. :X

oh, I cant recall anything else. I think that's it. btw, i miss my family already. Oh God, we have only been away for 20 hours! demmit =X

Can't wait for the next BALEK-KAMPUNG trip..,, which will be next week! rephrase, which will be THIS FRIDAY! ayayay~

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