Monday, April 5, 2010

Sports Carnival's photos

finally, the pictures have been uploaded to badrul's facebook account. i grabbed only some of them (coz too lazy to save the whole album). haha. 

MBBS 1A, luv u all!! 
(im starting to love RCMP)

ok, this is the futsal team which i've been bragging about in the last entry.. 
up (from left) : ibrahim, aiman, saniy, syafiq, iz, asrul
down (from left) : fathul, saiful, soeddiqin, badrul

now is the picture of the badminton players

as usual, me also wanna camwhore. lols
aiman (the goalkeeper), me and ilani.
(did u notice my high heels. the boys teased me all night long coz of it. pfffttt)  :(~

the other supporters (my classmates)
from left: ika sariy (the one who's facing the court), mimi, nadiah, kak didi (the one in the blue tudung), and zatil

again, the fat me :(
girls really love showing the 'peace' sign huh.. lame~ hihi

us, looking epileptic
ilani and me!!

so thats all. been wanting to upload 'em from that very night. finally, i succeeded! :)
ok, majulah sukan demi mbbs 1A!!

p/s: MBBS won the sports carnival!!! 

we won 3 games, which were badminton, futsal and netball!! 

~i love my classmates 
more and more each day~

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