Sunday, April 4, 2010

FUTSAL im lovin' it!

waaaaahh!! sudah ahad maaaa... tomorrow's Monday! class!
last night, i went to watch futsal league. i supported my class' team like hell, ya know.
cheered all the way from the first match to the final round.
but it was all worth it.. they won! seriously, i am so proud of 'em.
i dare say that they're all good in futsal.

aiman (the goalkeeper)badrul

oh, there was this one round, which i was stuck in the middle because it was between MBBS 1A (my class) and MBBS 1B (my senior). but at last, i decided to stick to my classmates simply because they're my classmates.. lol. from what i observed, both teams played professionally. Our senior's team (MBBS 1B) didn't take advantage on their seniority at all. On the field, they played as if they didn't know each other.
and now i'm waiting for them to upload the pictures. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!!
now im worried to death.
my cas is still not finished yet.
i haven't read my ILA yet.
i havent revised last week's lectures yet.
 i havent folded my clothes yet.
 i havent taken my bath yet (just woke up at 11 am). haha.
conclusion: im dead.
thank u. =X
k, chow chin chow!

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