Monday, April 12, 2010

Wedding aka Walimatul urus

Last Friday, me and Ilani went to Medan Gopeng (Ipoh's bus station) straightaway after class, which was at 3.42 pm. Our bus  to Pudu was at 4 pm. Having 18 minutes only to get ourselves there, I drove really fast (mind u, I almost got involved in accident twice!). Alhamdulillah, we reached Medan Gopeng at 4.01 pm and the bus was still there. (I still remember how miserable we were coz there were too many stuff to carry) :S

We reached Pudu at 7.30 pm coz the traffic after the toll was super damn heavy. Imagine a 2-and-a-half hours journey became a 3-and-a-half hours journey. Huh. Stupidity yang melampau. But it's okay. As long as the bus took us to KL, then its ok. haha. Kemudian kami naik LRT sampai ke Salak South station coz my sis (Kak Hajjar) and her husband (abang Scott) will fetch us there. Where were we heading to?? 

Jengjengjeng...! To Muar!! (btw Muar is my hometown). Why??

Ngehngehngeh..... Because my second sister's wedding was on that Sunday!!

Norhaslinda binti Saadon
paktakopangkopagkopang dengan (tranlation: married to)
Ahmad Razi bin Junaidi

Yeay! New brother..! The wedding went well (except the weather which was freaking hot..). 

Oh yeah, I would like to thank all of my friends who came. They were:
Ilani (from Ipoh).. 
Pian (from Ipoh too).. 
Fadhlina.. Annarina.. Reenu.. Rachel (the buffaloez).. 
Dilanani (kesian lu ilang Croc lu.. Tu la.., sapa suluh lu cakap wa gomuk. naseb baik lu minta maaf kat fesbuk. siap cakap wa sebenarnye nampak sangat cantik.. telima kaseh looo) hehe..
Piqa Lambri (sorry dear coz I can't entertain you since I was so soooo sooo bz) :(
Shahira and the whole lot family (from Kajang! terharu i..)
and last but not least, Asilah (don't forget to upload our photos on Facebook k!)..

My deepest gratitude to Ilani for being such a big help during the wedding (from friday night to Sunday evening). I'm so sorry for feeding you late..,, for being MIA too often..,, and for anything larhh! huhu. love u babe!! 

And to Erna, so sorry coz I didn't send u the invitation card. I don't have your address laaa my dear. But i DID send u a message on facebook. Unluckily, u didn't notice it. UH-uh :(

Since there is something wrong with my java program, I cant upload the photos now. Insya-Allah, I will do it once I have fixed it, ok! 

Papai people!! take care owez.. :p

P/S: I'm going to Sarawak this May 1st (exactly, same date with the first-ever Tokio Hotel concert in Malaysia). Wedding at abg Razi punye rumah pulak. agagaga~

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