Tuesday, April 20, 2010

chocolate cake on the planet Mars

hey du! kleine android..
hey du! auf deinem satelit.

hehe.. :DD

Can i fly to Mars and bake a moist chocolate cake up there? Should I bring my own microwave and aluminium foil (to wrap the cake later)? Or is it possible that I can find a Secret Recipe franchise on the Mars, and just buy one whole of Chocolate Indulgence there? Will the cake taste the same with the one we bake on the planet Earth? Huh.. Only Allah knows.

Btw my grandma was warded for 7 solid days on the April 9th. She was diagnosed to pneumonia. Luckily I was in Muar at that time. So I managed to visit her once. The saddest part was, my sister's wedding was on the April 10th! So, she didn't get to see her own grandchild's big day. But thank God, she's fine now. She had been discharged last week. I love my grandma so much! She is super nice. and caring. and lovely. and generous. and she's the only grandparent that I have now. huhu :(

us, the loud Saadons. 
from left: ella, kak aja, kak intan, kak angah, kak long and me!

k, im out. loads of lecture notes need to be covered before the final exams! pray for me...... 


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