Thursday, April 22, 2010

Final-exams syndrome

haha. Im already in my revision week. haha. haha. haha. (I have gone crazy. The evil finals are nearing!)

Today I had two revision classes, pharmacology and microbiology. Both are my top two least favorite subjects. haha. (Sorry Dr Giri, Prof Russ Karim, Prof Awang, Dr Chandana) :(

After class, me, Aida and Shahira had discussion on Biochemistry. We managed to cover 5 lecture notes only. We planned to do another 4 more tonight! Oooooh, hopefully we can make it. 

Btw after the discussion, we all went to Pasar Malam. ok, rephrase. We walked to pasar malam (night market). It was like miles away (honestly I have no freaking idea what the precise number is.but i bet u, its far from my house). Then we bought kebab, coconut drink, keropok lekor and apam balik tebal! loads, huh. Oh ya, forgot to tell you. The reasons why we walked there: to exercise. To burn the fat down. To be slim. To be like Gisele Bundchen (seriously, Wani?). Ha-ha. To be healthy. The only reason why we bought so many food: It was such an agony to look at the food without buying them. ayayay~ Plus, we were gonna walk back home again. So, more fats to be burnt! hahahahahahaha. haha. (shut up, Wani). Ok.

Next week Im going to balek kampung again! So in 2010 April, I had 3 balek kampung trips (Ipoh-Muar) outta 4 weeks. So there'll be only 1 weekend that I'll have to spend in Ipoh. It will be this unlucky weekend! But me and my girls have planned something to do over the boring weekend (aren't u girls supposed to be mugging and studying, Wani?) -_-"

We planned to go to Teluk Batik (beach somewhere in Perak)! Then we can camwhore the whole day there. We wanna bring lotsa sandwiches. But we're not gonna be in bikinis-lah for sure. T_T  And the most important thing is that we are gonna have lotsa fun!! We are going to forget the fact that final exams are another 2 weeks away! We are gonna release our tension. We are going to have some peaceful, enjoyable, quality time together-mether (teehee).

Okay, thanx for reading this. and padan muke kau da abes kan 4 minit dalam hidup kau. alangkah bagus kalau pergi tolong mak siram pokok bunge. dapat pahale. HAHAHAHA *evil laughs. Seriously, if your laughters didn't sound evil at all, laugh again! HAHAHHAHAHAAHA (evil enough? Or did u sound like Santa Claus? Yes, you did sound like Santa.) RE-LAUGH!!!! HAHAHHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. Ok, mamfush ko lah. Haha. Gila punye budak (that would be me).

P/S: this is what I mean by Final-exams syndrome. Ain't it plain to see? I have gone totally outta my mind. I am crazy. :'(

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