Friday, October 2, 2009

Bill's hairstyles


To TokioHotel-haters, back off!
bill is definitely the ultimate. weeeee!
let's see his pictures from he was just a cute infant to a super hot grown up. =p

Bill und Tom. aint they cute? their true hair colour was dark brown.

look at the pin he used at his shoulder. ring any bells? yup, elizabeth hurley's dress:

dyed black. the front hair was straight while the back hair was spikey.

his hair was shoulder-long and still kept as black

longer and highlighted (blond)!

even longer and still highlighted, and plus, it was spikey. some ppl called him porcupine at that time. bullsetto.

humanoid album. yes, he had dreadlocks.

this hairstyle is so far the latest one. macam iklan trojan. lol. but still, i love it!

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