Saturday, September 12, 2009

maaf mak~~

omg. i was at mekdi tarapappappa (in JJ, ipoh) when my mom called me. dialogue:

mom : helo
me : helo? (wondering who was on the other line)
mom : helo (a bit annoyed)
me : (wait a sec. she sounded just like...) helo mother! (genuine surprised. didnt expect her to call me)
mom : why didnt you call me?
me : (stuttered) i.. i.. i lost my phone.
mom: i knew it. why didnt u tell me?
me : like, how? im phoneless. btw i thought words are spread very fast among saadon clan? (i da pendekkan ayat) =p
mom : (silence)
me : who told u and when?
mom : kak along. last week. (sentence got shorter)
me : ouh.
mom : why did u put my name as 'mommymonsta' at ur blog?

*it was so noisy at mekdi tarapappappa. i didnt hear the last bit (at ur blog). at that time, i thouught my mom was talking about my phonebook. then sense knocked me. my phone is gone. could it be that..????!!*

me : u read my blog?

*ppl! my mom reads my blog! caya la~~ =p

mom : im asking u. y did u put my name as mommymonsta?

*what happened later was a 2-minutes-free-lecture-about-y-u-shoulnt-save-ur-mom's-name-as-mommymonsta* <-i was about to explain everything when she cut in and did the honour to lecture me (caya la) =p

later, she asked me do i still have enough money =) , how am i gonna balek kampung next week and, luckily she didnt mention about my ASSessment! if u r reading this mom, i screwed my ASSessment. it was damn hard! x_x but afterall, there is no carry mark (for assessment). meaning, it wont affect my final exam marks. yay! (something to celebrate larhh)

blah, blah, blah, call ended. nicely.

neways, there are 5 things that i wanna highlight here.

1. i thought she already knew that i called her mommymonsta long time ago. n plus, i didnt mean it lah. mommymonsta (haiya. such a long name to type) is a brand. so from now onwards people, mommymonsta is completely forbidden to be used!
2. my mom did mention something about december when i asked her when i could get a new phone! eh, no! she then changed it. she said that she wanna gimme her phone. I DONT WANT IT. it's not because of her phone is cheap or something. (mind u, her's is uber thousand hengget melesea). but its simply because its hers! i can sacrifice. (yeahh rite. in the meantime, i actually have started surveying which phone is the best for now). hihi....
3. my mom reads my blog! (i know that i have mentioned it above, but so what! saper suruh bace..) lalala~~
4. im gonna balek kampung next thursday! one week holiday. but im sure one week will be just like three days. =(
5. i wanna take a shower! and then have to fold my clothes. and then have to settle my laundry. btw my washing machine is not functioning! have to wash my clothes by hand. yeah people. back to the 90's. i need yoko-yoko then!! ~~

sign out~~

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