Sunday, October 4, 2009

tokio hotel humanoid - LYRICS

Tokio Hotel has released their new album (humanoid) last month and to be honest, TH has improved tremendously!
it totally worths the wait. caya la. hebat gilak. wawawa.
seriously, the new concept is superb and i love TH even more now.
bullshit the critics if they condemn that album.
love TH love TH love TH

so, these are the list of the songs! i have linked almost all of the songs so u can just click on the title to get the lyrics.
btw just so u know, my top 3 are automatisch, world behind my wall and hey you.
shit, i love zoom into me too.

tracklist of german version:
3. hey du
4. zoom
8. alien
9. komm
11. humanoide
13. hunde

tracklist of english version:
8. alien
9. noise

bonus tracks:
4. in your shadow
6. attention

do check them out coz they are awesome!

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