Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My First Bill Kaulitz Fanfic

one fine day..

i was facebook-ing when my housemate, aida (bukan nama sebenar) came into my room.

"Wani, have i told u that i have posted a fanfic about Chang-Min in my 2nd blog?" asked Aida.

"nope.... y?" I replied, blurred.

"go to my blog now and checkidaut! btw, how bout u? dont u wanna express your feeling (ur BIG-FAT CRUSH, to be exact) towards bill kaulitz?" aida asked again.

silence fell into my room for awhile. cis! y hadn't it occured to me before?! its a brilliant idea! with a smile on my face, i said "ouh, ok! i'll post one later."
correction: later means now!

right after aida left, i quickly go to my blog and, tadaaaa!!, here i am.,
exercising my fingers., posting my story.
errrr... wait a sec! wani, did u realize that u have no idea at all what to write?
all i know now is that the main character must be Bill Kaulitz!
ok then, i'll think first........

1 hour later.......
ok ppl. i've made up my mind!
the title is Das Lieben von Ihnen.
Do read it up till the end ya!
who knows i might one day end up being a famous novelist whatsoever. x_x
ouh, before i start, i wanna introduce the characters.

suPErdUpeRhERo - Bill Kaulitz (bukan nama sebenar jugak =p)

  • the most sought-after guy
  • the lead singer of the most popular band, Tokio Hotel
tHe hEroINe - Icha

  • the unluckiest eukaryote ever
  • ugly but smart
  • private assisstant of the most-annoying-monster-you-have-ever-met, Julie
ThE pLAstiC girL - Julie

  • materialistic
  • dumb and gets dumber everyday
p/s: i dunno if i can manage to finish this fanfic. if i can, then miracle it is.

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