Tuesday, August 18, 2009

biLL kAuLitZ.... aww!

hi ppl!!
im now obviously addicted to blogging.. yeaahhh..

what?! at least i dont do drugs.
n i dont smoke either.. (i have tried twice when i was a kid. was puffing in the toilet when suddenly my maid passed by. and wallahhhh! that was the end of me. haha. just kidding.)
- oh ya, btw her name was Kak Kiah. She was damn garang!
  • she had once thrown a fish to my sis, kak aja, coz the latter didnt do the dishes (although my parents paid her for that) -_-"
  • she was (maybe still is) good at rolling her blood-shot eyes if we refused to obey her instructions.. that kind of look scared us to bluddeh hell!

eh, melencong jauh melencong jauh wani saadon!

mmmm.,, blah blah blah. yup! i actually wanted to post something about TOKIO HOTEL! but first n foremost (eh, cam buat essay time sekolah dulu), u guys MUST know that im a die-hard-fan of Tokio Hotel's. ok, pick one.

  1. tokio hotel? wtf?! havent heard of it before.
  2. wani.,, u spelled it wrongly. its TOKYO hotel.
  3. is it a 5-stars hotel?
  4. ya!! the most popular band in germany and whole wide world too!
adakah jawapan anda muktamad? (sile bace dalam nada jalaluddinhassan dalam who wants to be a millionaire aww.. no, seriously, buat!)


to those who answered choices no 1, 2 and 3, please, just please google up on TOKIO HOTEL immediately!
but to those who answered no. 4, yeaahhhhhh! ure the man! *applause*
(kepada aqilah abdul halim, baru kau tau lagu monsoon tu sedap?!dari dulu aku duk pomot TH kt ko..TskTsk)

ya allah....... melencong lagi!

Logo TH

Tokio Hotel (German pronounciation: [ˈtoːkio hoˈtɛl]) is a German band founded in Madgeburg, Germany in 2001 by:

bassist Georg Listing, drummer Gustav Schäfer, singer Bill Kaulitz and guitarist Tom Kaulitz

Reasons to love them:
  1. their music is awesome
  2. their music is damn awesome
  3. their music is fu*ketty fu*k awesome
  4. they are so hawwtt!!! awwww..
so not! of course i have better reasons than that.. XD

  1. their sound is off the chain *rofl*
  2. their German accents are super duper cute!
  3. all of them are the hottest German guys on planet! lol
  4. Bill's voice is amazing (no, seriously! go n listen to "monsoon")
  5. Their guitar playing skills?? oh gosh.. undescribable.....
  6. Bill is damn cute n so is tom! george n gustav are both cute too.. in conclusion, they are so cute!!
  7. have u seen their style? its amazing..
  8. they are great performers on stage.
  9. they put up with batsh*t crazy fans, paparazzi, stalkers and extreme haters on a daily basis, and do it with a smile. so cool...
  10. most importantly, they started out young! very talented mehhhh...

my playlist:
  1. monsoon (recommended one! its my all-time fav)
  2. rette mich (rescue me is the english/latest version..but wtf! i like the old version more!)
  3. schrei (again..,, compared to "scream", i think schrei is way better)
  4. wir schliessen uns ein
  5. reden (thou' bill sounds kinda gedik ong gedekgedek, but still, i luv it!) and
  6. sex...... (some say that it's not their song.. but who cares..?)

ouhh ya! their new album is coming out very, very soon.. it is called "humanoid"..

sila dapatkan album terbaru mereka di kedai apek belakang uma sebelum telambat..

btw, they have all changed their styles for this album! marimari!! lets compare...

when they were young. but dont deny it that they (bill, especially) look so gorgeous.

ni da besar sikit. da akil baligh daaaa.

At first, many people condemned Bill's hair (which we called lion's hair).
But at last, they had accepted the fact that bill looked perfectly fine with it. (amek ko!) (take that!)

i love this pic damnly!! ;p

this is (so far) their latest photoshoot. dont they look even more matured/hotter in that robot suits?
ngehngehngeh....... T_T

oh ya kawan2!
did u know that bill and tom are twins?
yes, their styles are totally different but they are twins.. the hottest twins ever. =p
n their facial structures are the same..

bilivit or not.. coz they are twins..

ayayay!! *drooling*

*sigh* i want to learn German badly. people out there who speak German very well, please teach me! actually i have started learning German since last April. (self-directed learning).
but mind you, it is harder and tougher than answering Physics during SPM.
n i da beli 2 kamus jerman da pun (akibat tamak. dan ya, org tamak selalu rugi).
sian la bill.
camna nk communicate ngan saya kalau saya x reti berbahasa dy dan dy x reti berbahasa saya. TskTsk.

ok. im so sleepy. i can hardly open my eyes now, as if theie eyelids are super-glued on each other..
otak berpinar maaa.....
oleh itu, i nk chow!

p/S - marilah join i obsess kt tokio hotel!!
n ich liebe bill fur immer und immer!

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