Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lost and not gonna be found, ever!

ASSessment is just around the corner. errr..,, it's like 3 days ahead. mommmyyy!!! im not ready yet. bullshitto. dem it. bladi hel. fullstop.

but still, i tetap nk post something. oh yeah! bout my lost n never found handphone!
i've just lost my phone last thursday. =( i was actually driving when my friend called me. then, after i hung up, i didnt put it straight into my bag. instead, i just put it on my lap. when i reached my destination, i got out of my car (totally forgotten bout my phone) and so i assumed that it fell down on the road and somebody must had taken/stolen it. dem it dem it dem it!

i loved that phone! macam2 ade, u noe. Tokio Hotel's songs,Tokio Hotel's pictures, Tokio Hotel's official videoclips,Demi Lovato's songs,my pictures,my friends' pictures,my crush's pictures,phonebook, and sooo manyyy moooreeee........

bodoh punye pencuri.....

p/s: insafla wani.. harta itu milik ALLAH....... (-_-")

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