Thursday, June 24, 2010

please grow up!

Asilah, I miss you so much! 
I really wish you were here. 
Got loads of things to tell you. :(
And this time around it has got nothing to do with other people. 
Its all about me.
Im so in need of faithful ears.
Oh God.

Seriously, with all these mess that I'm juggling alone in these two small hands of mine, I feel like driving off to the nearest beach ASAP. And there, I would do nothing but gazing at the stars while lying flat on my back .I so can feel the cold sand enveloping my whole body right now. *sigh

Last week, me, Didy and Dyra did something which was not nice. But it was not that terrible! But still, the issue just got bigger on its own accord. We were really messed up (inside and out) that we can't focus in class. So, acting as if we were as genius as Albert Einstein, we skipped 2-days classes and spent our time at Ipoh Parade (crying our eyes out at the foodcourt there). Tapi sempat lagi tengok Toys' Story 3 dan The Karate Kid! Hehe. 

Alhamdulillah. Two days later, we managed to solve the conflict (which was just like the biggest misunderstanding in the century, I assume). I know, the situation is not 100% fixed. We shall never mend this broken puzzle ever. We will never make the atmosphere feels the same ever again. But at least, we have apologized to those who were involved in it and explained everything that needed to be explained. 

It was a bit relief for me coz I honestly can't think straight until we sorted everything out. Especially after I asked for apologies from them. Rephrase, It was such a HUGE relief for me. 

But I didn't say that life was completely hella good after that. I still have problems that bother me no matter how calm I navigate myself. Come to think of it, I deserve Burger King meal once President's Cup is over! Speaking about President's Cup, I need to excuse myself to the toilet coz I so wanna puke!

President's Cup is a debating competition hosted by UniKL annually and this year, its my campus' turn to host it. As the LO (Liaison Officer) cum the Debate Researcher cum the Secretary of SpenCe, I have so many works to do. Not to mention that I have to attend to the debate training which is held every night (including on weekends!). Sometimes I had to skip classes and so far I haven't revised anything that I've learnt for the past 9 days. Gosh, im so doomed.

Then, something happened this evening. I wonder how selfish and insensitive people can actually be. To bother your so-called BEST FRIEND with something that will only burden her more (when she is already effed up with her problems) is totally unforgivable! Oh My, how i wish those attention-seeking, spoilt brats will grow up and mature. Please lah. Don't ever act like you are innocent when you are NOT! The truth is ugly, yet simple. You are just capable of becoming the most hated, bitchy slut! (That is if you remain comfortable in 
this i-want-things-to-go-my-own-way zone)

Again, I beg you. Please grow up. Thank u.


  1. wanie, sabar eh =) pray to HIM and He'll sweep ur tears away =)

  2. thank u syu.. =)
    now da rase loads better..

  3. still syg wanie agy lalala~ leykan cmtu ;)

  4. hehehe.. boleh3!
    syg mas juge.. :)
    sian mas tinggal sorg2 weekend nih..