Monday, June 28, 2010

Ominous Sign but a happy ending

Peeps! I have a great news!
I have
lost some weight recently!!
Looks like those problems that have been cobwebbing me for the past two weeks actually did me good, aite? 

Last Friday, me and all of the Debaters went to UTP for a Debate Workshop (which was held especially for us. I mean, UTP organized that very workshop just for us. We were the only participants, tau! :)) hehe. Bangganye). The first night there was damn cold. Me, Didy and Dyra slept together in the same room. TOo bad, Dyra was the only one who brought comforter. So, all three of us slept together under the single-sized comforter! I would never forget about it. Well unless if I get amnesia or something-lah kan,, Huhu. 

Yang pergi ke UTP: me, Didy, Dyra, Nikki, Hani KAni (or Hani KAnisah??), NK (Nadiah KAmal), Izzudin and Kahar.

The next day's activity was Mock Debate. I can see that out debaters have improved real loads... (cewahh, poyo jep aku nih. macam aku ni peng-sponsor UniKL-RCMP Debate Team je kan) haha. But seriously, they now have the 'manners' (as if the 'debate manners') and they know how to build a well-structured speech. I am just soooo proud of them (bertambah kelihatan seperti peng-sponsor kan?) hehe.

We left UTP in the next evening as something came up. Something bad came up (Gosh!! I just remembered that the day before that, I was holding a mirror. THen, outta sudden, it fell down and broke into many pieces! I should have known. It was a bad sign!) -_-''

But we didn't go straightaway back to Ipoh. Instead, we convoyed to Lumut (its a beach somewhere near UTP). Kahar suggested we stay overnight at any cheap hotels. Cari punya cari, finally we found the cheapest hotel. It was rm80 per night (per room, for sure). Since there were two boys among us, we had to take two rooms. That night, I cant sleep (again) coz it was damn cold too (again?!!) ayo... Manyak payah ah biler takde lemak menyaluti badan? (hehe)

The next day, the convoy back home was led by Kahar. But suddenly, he made a right turn (when we were actually supposed to make a left). Rupanya he and the others (yang rode with him) decided to stop for awhile at Teluk Batik. Oh my God, the unplanned trip to TEluk BAtik was damn fun!! I honestly enjoyed it. We (as usual) camwhored like hell. (But we used Nikki's camera. SO I cant Upload the photos now) :(

We reached Ipoh somewhen at 4pm. Our stomachs were all grumbling loudly (but Nikki's). So before we went to Pizza Hut, the other car (which Shahira drove) dropped the former at Tasnim (coz her mom will fetch her there). Oh, before I forget to mention it, the meal was all on Kahar! Thanks, der. :)

Right after Im back home, I just cant help feeling all menyampah. Gosh, ILA's tomorrow. And worse, the REHEARSAL's tomorrow. Sick!

P/s: I would like to thank all those 7 souls who have made my weekend! U guys rock-lah! Luv u all so much! Next time we'll make a proper, very-well-planned vacation trip eh? Panjat GUnung LEdang, ke... TEeeheee)

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