Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wishing Star

Is it really weird to believe that one day u'll get what u want most?

well, I know it depends on what exactly that thing is. But sometimes we human cant stop ourselves from wishing for something that doesn't make sense at all. 

For example when I was a child, I always wished that I wasn't human. Wonder why? because to me (10 years back when I was a kid), human are the most unreliable, annoying, irresponsible creatures one could have ever met. Even animals are (sometimes) way nicer than human. Animals don't abandon their babies like some human do. Animals neither cheat nor backstab their troops/tribes/friends (excuse my choices of word) unlike, again, some human do. Human! the so-called greatest organisms ever on Earth. The ones that Allah grant with brains. pfffttttt wtf. 

Well, I'm not saying that human are ALL bad, evil and disastrous. No, don't ever jump to such conclusion. Plus this all occurred to me when I wasn't matured yet. Now I believe that human are nice. really nice (lie! lie!). My point is, why should I degrade human's honour just because of that some 'black sheep'?

And after all, like it or not, its not for my approval that I was born as a human. Being born as one, I should just live by it! (and later on die ,still, as one too).. lol. Haha. Haha. Haha.

Ok, let's get back to our main issue here. Which is about wishing wishing well~Im not well~U can go to hell~Or else I will yell~aww awww Jell..Jell.. Jell-O..... Haha. That was unnecessary..! yeah, I know.. :))

Well, how about if I wished that all clocks in this world will stop ticking until I finish doing my revision? They all stop ticking not because there are no more batteries left on this effing, small planet. But simply because I need more time to finish my revision. Haihhh.... -_-"

Ok, how about if I wished that I will wake up tomorrow with very smooth skin?! No pimples, no acnes, no scars? wow *_* that would be great! lols.

Sound stupid, huh? Wait till you hear read my next wish... 

I wish Bill Kaulitz will come to Malaysia and I will catch him drunk at a dark alley and bring him back home and we both will become one and live happily ever after (so like Confession of Teenage Drama Queen except the ending part, ayte?) rofl! But hey, what is wrong with having such hope (hope? shouldn't it be imagination?) like that.. :))

Errrr out of idea! But still, I wanna write some more. Think quickly, Wani! (yeah, I was talking to myself. I am Wani.) 

oh! How I wish that I'll have the courage to upload my videos on Youtube! Not that kinda video.! I mean, u know, that video video. Naah.. But singing videos. Yeah.. I love singing. Then all of my videos will get 1,000,000, views each. And nice-to-hear comments (and critics, for sure). Then TOkio Hotel (eh, kenapa diorang lagi? Im so obsessed with them. Haha) will approach to me and we will have duet so many times that I will be the envy for every girls (and not to forget, for every men who have big gay crush on my dear Bill). Awwwwww. 
*I wonder if it will ever happen coz my real intention is so wrong  -_-"

Btw, forgot to share this great news with all of you! I am about to join my 3rd year seniors' band this July (after Im done with my final exams). Will be the lead singer (and bassist, if i can afford a guitar bass, of course). So nerve-wrecking! ayayayay~ Taquito. 

Ok, now I wish that I'll stop blogging and continue doing my revision!
Adios peeps....!! Handle with care. Haha. Just kidding. Just take a very good care of yourselves, keyh?! 

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