Sunday, March 21, 2010

a stylo soldier has lotsa advantages

good day!
guten tag!

i wanna go to my college at 1300 n now is already 1223. it means that i only have 37 minutes to blab.
oh, minus 10 minutes for me to get dressed up, i only have 27 minutes. oh, great. mmmm, what to write huh. mmmmmm, oh ya! last night a had a very strange dream. take a guess! 1, 2 ,3.. times up. lols. in my dream, i was a soldier! thats soooo not me. fast runner, tough and inhumanity. but here's the catch. i was a very vogue and flair army. seriously, i was in a nice dress (which i can remember how it looked like) with red stilettos and reddish-orange scarf. even the enemies didn't dare to shoot me coz i would cast a very flirtatious stare each time i got trapped or surrounded by the latter. uh-uh.

k, now is 1236. what! it took me 13 minutes to type the 1st paragraph alone!! im so slow. (actually it does me good coz i have no effing idea what else to write.) haha. ok, i think thats it. i just remembered that i always take more than 10 minutes to get ready. and plus, i haven't even figured out what im gonna wear! i need to change this. coz insyaAllah, when i become a doctor one day, i wouldnt want my patient to die just because i go to the operation theater late coz i cant decide whether my brilliant rose top matches my dark pink pants or my deep pink pants.. rofl.

k, may u guys have a very nice day ahead and live life to the fullest!!

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