Sunday, June 10, 2012

What are the odds?

Greetings, alien! :)

Adoyai. I received a pretty shocking news just recently (well, a month ago, to be exact. Not THAT recent anyways). My bestie from high school called me just to ask whether or not my crush from high school is studying at my uni. And I was like, 'YO MAMA! Of course nawt! I would have let ya know yeaaaars ago if he really was in my college.'

But then she said, "Oh no no no. He just tweeted, saying 'Am currently studying at Uni bla bla bla bla'. He is, Wani!".

Silence greeted her statement. *Kreet kreet* What the fish is he doing here, man? Isn't he supposed to be somewhere abroad? Why must he transfer back to Malaysia? And of all many medical schools in Malaysia, why must he transfer to mine? Its not like I'm panicking because I still have a thing for him. Its just that, mmmm, its just that, mmmm, I just don't like the idea of studying at the same place with him anymore. Because it will remind me of my school years. I was  chubby and dark. And I had pimples. I was ugly :(

From that day onwards, I lingered at the college foyer more often than I usually did. I borrowed books from the college library twice in a week (hoping that I'll bump into him in the library). I ate at the college cafe during lunch hour almost everyday. Everywhere I went, I would be quietly looking for him. Two weeks passed me by, but still no sign of him. Not at all. 

I was relieved, but at the same time disappointed. Funny, right? But one day when I was on my way back from the hospital to my car, I spotted someone so familiar. It was him! He was walking by the roadside towards the ACC. I stopped, and stared. My gaze followed him. (I think I was jaw dropped at that time). Haha. He walking alone in a very handsome purple striped T-shirt. And he was wearing a sling bag like he used to 5 years ago. 

Yes, he is here. He is in my college. I have to embrace it. 

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