Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hey, long time no see! Ive been really busy lately. Ive even terminated my Facebook account as I found it really distracting *finally* Plus ma mother told me over the phone this evening that she thinks I go online too often. *Again, the benefit of having a cyber mom; she will always observe your cyber life and remind you if you seem to be addicted to it. Always* lols.

Well, final exams are just in a month. Ok, a month and a half. Pfft, what difference does it make? =X

Gotta admit that I have abandoned my studies for so long and now there is nothing i can do about it but to start doing some revision. Need not elaborate it, I suppose. *Sighs* Anyhoo you people pray for me, will you? 

May WaniSaadon and her classmates pass their second year final exam with flying colours... Amiiiiiiin ;)

Oh ya, we have found a new house! It is in Ipoh Jaya; 15 minutes driving distance from our College. And if I'm not mistaken, there are 5 traffic lights and 1 roundabout  along the way. It is cheap (and thanks mother, now I cant stop thinking what if my room is AWFULLY humid as the house is PROBABLY a low cost one.. tsk tsk) =.=" 

Its a double-storey house (probably a low cost one, according to my mother. Huwaaaaaaa!!), with 3 upstairs bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The best part of it is that the living hall is really spacious! Andand, so is the kitchen! The rental is quite cheap (maybe thats why my mother claimed it as a low cost house. grrr~); its just for RM360 monthly. I hope this is the best for us. And I pray to Allah that He will protect us and the house 24/7. Amiiiiiin :))

Enough with the good news, now let's get back to the busy life of mine. Apart from the final exams, Im also now busy with the moving-out thingy. We have to clean (as in mop and sweep) the whole house and then start moving in our stuff. Oh, wrong consequences! We have to pack our stuff, clean the new house and move in our stuff! And we have to start survey-ing for a cheap washing machine, go to TM main centre (we want to bring along our internet wireless connection), find a place which provides lorry-renting service (together with the manpower service), yada yada yada~~ 

I really hope that my parents will come down to Ipoh this February 1st.. HUwaaaaaaa~!!! 

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