Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Looking for a house to rent in Ipoh (Dec '10)

Me and my other 2 friends are LOOKING for a HOUSE to RENT around Ipoh...

(no man, we DONT intend to RENT ROOMS. we want the whole house on our own. yabeddabeddu)
(and yes, we are LOOKING for a house-to-let. we are NOT OFFERING one to you here, if u get me)
(and, oh, no more reminders)


friend #1

friend #1

We are Unikl-RCMP students. So no worries! If anything happens, you landlord can certainly find us there. We are just in our second year. So basically we have 3 years more to spend in Ipoh -.-"

We love cooking (much tastier and at the same time we can save a lot) haha Wani, is this a Looking-for-a-house-to-rent ad or looking-for-a-candidate-to-marry ad? Ho yeah, my point here is that we would appreciate it if the house has such a wonderful, nice kitchen :))

We want a 2-3 bedroomed house with 1-2 bathroom(s).

Most importantly, the rental is NOT MORE than RM370 monthly (as we are just students) =.="

Non-furnished house will do as we have our own furniture eg. beds, fridge, washing machine, tv

We demand for a bathroom like this:

nope, just KIDDING. we dont mind how the toilet looks like, as long as the TILES ARE NOT TINY ONES LIKE THIS:

i repeat, we DONT WANT tiles like this in our bathroom. yucks =3
trust me, this is the only thing that we cant tolerate. huhu....

We dont mind even if the house is located at Bercham, Canning Garden, Farfaraway Land (eh, tipu), etc as we have cars. So, 20-minutes driving distance to Hospital Besar Ipoh/Kolej Perubatan Perak is no big deal to us. cewah. japgi aku jugak akan bebel kat blog sebab duit minyak mahal. bhahaha. but seriously dude, we are COOL with it ;p

So any landlords out there PLEASE, PLEASE respond to this ASAP as we need to move out from our current house by next February. 

THaNKs A BunCh yaw~

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