Sunday, December 12, 2010

Haunted by that song.

Darn it. Why did i have to do that? I was perfectly fine a minute ago. Now, im all effed up and confused. That song. That very song. Urghh. How stupid was I for downloading it, again, after deleting it from the playlists on my handphone and RealPlayer? 

I want Gu Yong Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Goel-Oh will do too.....


I hate him!
Yet, I am missing him...
Oh God :(

No, on second thought, I hate him more than i miss him..
He doesnt deserve my time. 
Such a waste of time for me to be thinking of him.
When he is out there, breathing, walking, eating (or probably racking his brain to choose which colour suits his complexion most for his blind date tonight)...
And I guess I should, have to, MUST delete that song... AGAIN!
Really, Wani? Will you really do that?

Falling Slowly, eyes that know me
And I cant go back
Moods that take me and erase me
And I'll paint it black

The violin...
The vocals....
The tune that will, without fail, steal my conscience..

Falling Slowly,, huh?
Yes, I WAS falling slowly..
Now, whenever you come across my mind, I AM dying slowly.

I think, I hate myself more than I hate him.
Go die, Wani!!!!!!!!!! :(((((

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