Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Facebook Account has been BLOCKED (temporarily)

Damn. My Facebook account has been blocked by Facebook itself! Its simply because I posted comments on my friends' walls really fast (I flooded my friends' walls so many times in a very short period of time). But hey, its not like I did that on one particular wall only! I did that to many. and one comment on one wall. so no harm done,  I guess? I didnt even spam their notifications.

Urgh, come on! Tomorrow's Eid. Of course I would wanna wish Happy Eid to all my Muslim friends in Facebook. Bludeh hel.

So, all I have to do now is just to wait for a few hours (worse, few days) for my account to be re-activated. 

Luckily Facebook is independently owned by Mark Zuckerberg. He'a a Jew, isn't he? So i'll bet he won't take Eid leave and can reactivate my account ASAP. (ASAP as in, tomorrow?)   :(

Oh ya, how the hell am I supposed to know when my account has been reactivated? Will Facebook notify me in my Yahoomail!? Oh. 

So to those friends of mine (in Facebook) whose accounts I didn't comment on yet,, I would like to wish u SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI! Maaf zahir batin ya. Luv u guys!

What? U guys want the same exact words that I sent to them? Ok ok.. 

Sebelum Ramadhan berlalu pergi
Sebelum Idul Fitri datang kembali
Sebelum line internet mula busy
Sebelum 'sms pending' menyakitkan hati
Maaf zahir dan batin

p/s: i think I should change the 3rd line to 'SEBELUM FACEBOOK BLOCK ACCOUNT INI'..


  1. FB marah tu wanie tak masukkan nama dia dlm pantun..haha

  2. tu la pasal. wani sepatotnye gune 'sebelum Facebook block acc ni' kan kan?? cis betol lah.