Monday, May 10, 2010

SChedUle fOR tHe 1-mOnth-hoLidAY

Yeah! 1 down! 2 more to go... Screw MCQ,, screw OSPE!! lol. 

If i pass my final, I will have the honour to celebrate it with the 1-month-hols. yippie! (can u feel the happiness and anxiety in me?) Hehe. That's why you people have to pray for me. Pray to Allah that I wont have sudden amnesia during the exam.. or suddenly me and Dr Nujaimi switch brains! (he is a Cardiac Surgeon, by the way). Hopefully I don't have to take supplement paper coz I want to be back home :((

Btw I have already planned my schedule for the holidays. Full lah babe! Im gonna be busy the whole month! Busy doing activities that I like (which were all once my hobbies, but not until last July). Coz since that, my whole life had been fully dedicated to mbBs. (Huh, it's a no wonder now why my friends from Pharmacy course dub us 'Majlis Budak-buDak skEMa').

See what it takes to be a good student?

I have to sacrifice most of my hobbies coz the 24 hours that I have daily are all allocated to studying, doing some revision, having study group discussions, doing homeworks that I have been provided with, reading all those piles of lecture notes and reference books that I have bought, doing extra exercises and going through the 'Atlas' every single day. 

Not to mention, there here were too many activities that have been erased off from my diary. Shopping, watching movies, karaoke-ing, hanging out with me buddiesgossip-ping and having mere talks with my friends, and anything that has got nothing to do with  my studies.

Hell yeah, its like I was sentenced to be grounded for life

Its sad. 

And pathetic. 

And unfair. 



I still do enjoy meself (in fact for the past 10 months, I have seen almost 30 movies, shopped almost 10 shoes and 23 clothes,  karaoke-d with Ilani and Chunn 6 times, gone picnic-ing with my friends twice and in short, my life is still as great as before).

Sorry. and thank you! LOLs.

Anyways, these are the activities that Im planning to do:

1. Continue doing my fanfiction which I stopped at the 3rd chapter long time ago. Well, if you are a faithful follower of my blog, you must have read the entry entitled 'Das Lieben Von Ihnen'. 

2. Girls day outs! (Need to inform them girls that the famous Wani is gonna be back home next week). I wanna karaoke with Asilah, catch any new movies with Izzah and the gang, and eat 'Burger Sedap' with Afiqah. Slurppppp~

3. Wipe off the dust on my German-English dictionaries. I mean, its the time for me to brush up my German (vocabs and grammar and everything) after stopped doing so for months.  I'm pretty sure that it must have got a bit rusty here and there. My problem is that I can read German but can't converse in it. I can hardly make even one short sentence fully in German. :((

4. Clearance stock! Huh? Come again, please. Shopping? Who said anything about shopping? I was talking about clearing all those contents in my house refridgerator. huh? Louder, please.. Throw them away? Who said that I'm gonna throw em all away into the dustbin? Of course what I meant was I wanna EAT them all. The last time I opened my house fridge (which was on last Wednesday), it was fully loaded with 'Kek Lapis Sarawak'! And chocolates.. and so many delicious, diabetes-causing, finger-licking food. Loads of them, I mind you. warghhhh! (Screw my diet programme!) Lol.

5. Pay Ella a visit. Well, she is my only younger sister (the youngest in my family, in fact). She was offered a place in GAMBANG matriculation college, Pahang (which she had already accepted). The registration was today. As usual, my other sisters accompanied my parents to send Ella there. Spoiled brat. Lol. Just kidding :)). Well, its accustomed among Saadon clans. When we wanna send any of the six girls off far from home, the rest will follow to send her (unless if something important comes out). I still remember when my eldest sister went to register to Matriculation of Internation Islamic University of Malaysia (back in 1998), we sent her by van! Mini van, I shall say. My family, Pak Usu's family, Pak Teh, Mak Teh and my nanny all went. I think we could make a world record for that. 15 people in a mini van! (And I wonder if we gave the impression as human-trafficking victims to the other road users at that time). Ha-ha.

Ok, I need to sleep coz its already 11.26 pm. I have to wake up early tomorrow (early=4.30 am) coz I wanna do some quick revision for MQE paper tomorrow. Hoh, very tired and sleepy. Off! 

p/s: Tonight I broke my fast at Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung. Yummy *drooling awrrrr

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  1. oh dear wanie. dr nujaimin is a neurosurgeon laa..huhu