Monday, March 29, 2010

what a day..

i woke up at 2 am this morning coz it was damn hot. i was seriously drenched in sweat. Feeling uncomfortable, i got up and went straight to the toilet to take a bath. After that, i did my article review on H1N1 since i failed to get back to sleep coz i was damn fresh. Suddenly at 3 something, i received a text from him. Sheet. told u, each time i have made up my mind (which is i'll try my best to get over him), there will be like signs or only-Allah-knows-what-they-exactly-are happen, which in return will make it harder or impossible for me to forget him. And also because of the text, I felt so fresh even more. But come to think of it, it did me good coz i finally managed to finish my article review. Thanx man. Thanx...

Then at 12 pm, me, Shera and Pian went to visit our dearest Cleo in Navy Hospital, Lumut. He's gonna have surgery to remove his kidney stone. Oh something funny happened to me when we wanted to pass through the entrance. lol. Ok, back to the story. We went to see Cleo, who looked like a Sami Buddha in his patient's dress and bald head (except that he didn't wear the sling bag which any Sami will usually have). Considering the fact that he might wanna spend his time alone with Shera, me an Pian went for food-hunting (lunch babe) and we tried to eat as slowly as we can. Then we went back to see Cleo, only to find out that the surgery still hadn't even started yet even though it was 4 pm already. So we had to leave coz we wanted to go to pray Zuhur. (I have to say that the Navy Mosque is beautiful but quite scary).

On our way back to Ipoh, we stopped at Teluk Batik for awhile (awhile? yeah, right). lols. I had so much fun there even though i didn't get the chance to mandi manda coz me n Shera both didn't bring extra clothes. Stupid dumb dumb. But since we got our jeans dirty (with the beach's sand), we bought new pants and had to pay 70 cents each to use the bathrooms. cekik darah betul. haha.Then we went to the surau provided to pray Asar. We left Teluk Batik at 7 pm and reached Ipoh at 8.30 pm (deng! tak sempat maghrib). So we went straight to the Masjid Biru and there I saw lotsa boys from both my class and 2nd year MBBS class. Alhamdulillah. sejuk perut mak mereka mengandung. lols. 

As usual, my stomach had started grumbling. so we went to 4u2c to have dinner. oh btw the dinner was on Pian (and also my lunch, forgot to mention that just now). Xie Xie! I reached home at 10 and quickly took my laundry basket and hung all the clothes. Then i slept. Then i woke up at 1 (thank u, alarm clock) and saw 3 text messages (this time around none of them was from him) but there was 1 text which took my best interest. it was from a classmate of mine, nadiah kamal. 

Nadiah's text: Wani btul ke news psl kak farah? 
Wani's reply: Which kak farah? (blur coz i just woke up)
Nadiah's reply: The one who supported our debate team during the dean's cup.
Wani's reply: Oh, kak farah. What's with her?
Nadiah's reply: I dpt thu dlm fb..dy mninggal ptg td accident kat slim river. Al-fatihah.

I was shocked. The news. It cant be happening! coz i just got to know her better during the dean's cup (which was held last week). She was very supportive towards Shera's team. She even joined our debate's discussion. And ever since then, i started harassing her facebook. i mean i started commenting on her status. and she would reply my comments. 

But, whatever it is, I have to face the fact. May Allah bless her soul. Al-Fatihah. 

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