Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1stly, 2ndly, trdly n lastly

im actually so sleepy, but still, i cant sleep.
there are daym so many things swirling in my mind right now,
exciting my neuron to work harder..,, continuosly.
making my state of mind has finally got the best of me.
seriously, im confused.

it occured to me this evening, what if i cant actually do it any longer..?
ya i know..,, if i do pass my final exams (insyaAllah, ameen!) which start on the 10th of may, 
then, i'll continue to 2nd year.
it means that there are gonna be loads more stuff to be bluetooth-ed to my brain.
n mind u people, the 2nd-year-final-exams include all those stuff that we have learnt during both 1st n 2nd years. 
aint that disturbing? yeah, very disturbing..
n the career itself scares me to death.
bcoz its tough.
undeniably tough.
was i really born to become what-im-trying-to-pursue-now?
i mean, do i have what it takes to become one?

i wished april will never show up.
n dont ask me why.
thank u.

why am i still awake?!!!
im supposed to be in my wonderland right now.....
my brain deserves to have some rest.
so does my body...
n my eyes.
somebody, plissss hypnotize me to sleep....

i just wanna trouble myself.
i dont wanna take things lightly.
i wanna feel like im powerful over something.
that im in-charged.
that im needed
for something
and everything.
think ive gone crazy.....
already????!!! (baru belajar 7 bulan daaaaa.. wat malu kaum je bai)

k, mau sign out... 
ok..... papai! <3

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