Monday, March 22, 2010

debate si gemok

wow. Today my class finished early! which was at 4.20 pm. but i arrived home 2 hours after that (almost 6.30) coz there was a debate championship (Dean's Cup) held at my college this evening. 

The motion for today was 
'one year in work worth four years in class'
and the win went to the opposition side (Nurshahira, Nadiah and Kaharul) coz they delivered better, well-organized and well-painted points or scenarios. Congratulations to all three of them! :DD

While in the debate room, me and my friends took some pictures of the speakers, Mr timekeeper (who's actually quite good-looking.lols) and us. after we got back from college, Nikki uploaded those pictures on facebook (since we used her camera to camwhore) and guess what? i just realized how chubby/swollen/plump my face is!! wanna have some proofs?

the cute timekeeper n me! :DD

see the difference between this picture:

and this!:

can u see it? yes? ouh, im hurt! whatever it is, im so gonna eat less from tomorrow onwards! mark my word.. hahhahahahahahahhaahahaha XD

btw, suddenly it occured to me this evening that there's actually a tiny teeny possibility of him checking out my blog and reading all those stupid stuff that i have posted before. doom wani,, doom!!!! 


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