Wednesday, February 24, 2010

current issues? hehe

oh god. i have no idea how that happened. was it really my fault? can i relive it? how on earth can i possibly mend or correct it? so that i can live my life peacefully. so that i can breathe in and parade around the college with a sense of poise and serenity. i would trade anything in this world for it. but i know that i just cant. no matter how many galleons of tears that i shed, how suffocated and fucked up i am, and how miserable my life has become, i just still cant make it happen. what i can do now is just to pray to Allah, to give me courage and endurance to go thru' all these. ya allah, please help me.

can i just quit studies and marry Bill Kaulitz? 

IPOH is damn hot lately! believe it or not, the temperature is 35 degrees. its a melting season, people.. haha. but seriously, it is so hot. its like living in an oven. while typing this, im actually sweating like a pig. urghhh.. panas panas. muz b bcoz of the oxygen, blackforest n all those night clubs that we have in IPOH. those sinful places to b blamed. haha

btw, i found my diaries just now, n went thru' it one by one. oh am ji! i cant stop laughing my ass off coz it was daym funny! seriously. n i realized how stupid i was. haha.

n oh, the novice debate championship wasnt bad after all. we won 3 otta 5 rounds..
(shera, if u happen to b reading this, well, stop sniggering)... haha
and i got to meet cute guys there! but some of them are undeniably cocky, arrogant, vain, swollen-headed and annoying. coz they are Mr i-know-it-all. yeah. its A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G... haha

these are the pictures that we took during the championship. enjoy it bebeh!

in baiti's car. on our way to KAYU to have our lunch.

having breakfast together before going to UiTM

dinner after the 3rd round (day 1).

us at A&W
. the 6 debaters (me, dyra, didy, titi, bibi n nikki) + dya + 3 chaperons (miss akma, miss farah n en dasuki)

btw, im going back to MUAR tomorrow!! n for the first time, im going to drive my OWN car. im excited!!

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