Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Fak. That was the very first word i uttered when i saw this:

For more details, please open TokioHotelRocks.

OuhMyGucci. Could this be for real? I mean, is Bill really dating her? I know i should not trust it. But when i YouTube-d just now, i found this video where it shows two photos (of Bill and of course, of Kim) which had the same background. Thou' they were not in the same goddamn photo, but they BOTH were in front of the same room (hotel's room??) coincident? oh no.

But on second thought, naaahhh. It doesn't make sense. Bill once said that if he had a steady girlfriend, he will share it with all of his fans (and that includes me! yeah!) since there's nothing to hide. On the other hand, this shallow-minded beeyotch claimed that he wanted to keep it secret. That counts, you know! And plus she admitted that she's now pregnant. yewwwwwwwwww ^^

Anyways, lets just wait and see Bill's comments. And whatever it is, I will always support Bill. I mean, if (and only if) Bill said that her words were all true, that's OK. Us fans cant be so selfish. Bill has his own life. (ohhhh noooooooooo!!!!) LOL.

Ouh, my advice to that spoiled, desperate, mentally retarded, attention-seeking, fugly slut:
If You wanna bluff people, make sure that it sounds logical and convincing!
sigh... What has got into her brainless head?

ok babai

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