Saturday, October 10, 2009


its a normal, boring Saturday. plus, my roomies are not home. can u just imagine how bored i am right here right now? shittake. neways, let's look at both (-)ve and (+)ve sides of being home alone.

(-)ve side

  1. im such a talkative person. seriously, having no company to talk to makes me crazy. guess what i did in the shower this morning? oh, no guessing. i talked to myself in the mirror! i think i did it for 15 minutes or so. oh, no. 
  2. i wont study! those two roomies of mine always sit at their study tables, open up any medical books, and read them. and at that precise moment, guess what i would be doing? oh, no guessing again. i would laze around, sit on my bed, turn on my laptop, open RealPlayer, play all Tokio Hotel's songs, and facebook! but then, i would get jealous of them two studying and quickly, i will go to my study table, take my lecture notes or any books, go back to my bed, and study. omg. they really are the revision-stimulators to me..
not-so-(+)ve side
  1. i can laze around the whole day! yippie!
  2. i can turn on the RealPlayer damn loudly. hoho.
but i think, the (-)ve side wins. roomies, i miss u guys!!!!!


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